About Barter Unlimited Club

Barter Unlimited Club strives to create a win-win barter experience to individuals and businesses, and create a relationship with us based on high levels of professionalism, prosperity and success.

Bartering can help you and your business to actually get where you WANT it to be. With Barter Unlimited Club Limited you can get what you need or want, with the products and services you already have.  Barter also:

  • Increases business volume while reducing overhead
  • Saves cash
  • New business ideas may evolve
  • A rebirth of the most ancient way of doing business, barter is booming!
  • No surprises! With few exceptions, all transactions are 100% trade. If a transaction involves cash, other than sales tax or gratuity, you will know up front.
  • If your business has excess inventory, barter can turn it into your business/personal needs and wants.